Your Comprehensive Facility Maintenance Partner: LMC

At LMC, we take pride in being your trusted full-service maintenance provider, dedicated to meeting all your organization’s facility maintenance requirements. Our expertise extends beyond being a licensed electrician in Texas; we maintain a skilled and diverse workforce, including carpenters, painters, plumbers, roofers, door and window specialists, flooring technicians, gate and fencing servicemen, hardware specialists, and experienced supervisors. With LMC, you can count on having a dedicated team of maintenance professionals ready to preserve the pristine condition of your facilities.

Unmatched Self-Performance Excellence

What sets LMC apart is our commitment to self-performance. Unlike many competitors who simply subcontract maintenance work to local providers, LMC self-performs up to 70% of the work we undertake. This in-house approach translates to superior quality control, rapid response times, and valuable cost savings, which we proudly pass on to our valued customers.

Swift and Efficient Facility Support

LMC’s hallmark is our ability to respond promptly and efficiently to all your facility needs, whether they are routine maintenance tasks or emergency situations. This capability has established LMC as the preferred maintenance partner for organizations throughout the state. We invite you to experience the benefits of a lasting maintenance service relationship with LMC.

Choose LMC, your trusted partner for comprehensive facility maintenance, and let us tailor solutions that ensure the longevity and functionality of your facilities.