Disaster Response

LMC Corporation – Your Trusted Partner in Disaster Response and Electrical Services

LMC Corporation is a distinguished First Responder, officially registered with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In times of natural disasters, our dedicated personnel hold the privilege of seamless access through FEMA checkpoints and barricades. Our mission: to provide critical construction support and much-needed disaster relief to affected communities.

Trust LMC Corporation

Your Partner in Disaster Response, Electrical Services, and Emergency Solutions.


Our Commitment to Disaster Recovery: Hurricane Harvey and Beyond

With a deep commitment to community welfare, LMC has played a pivotal role in the extensive reconstruction efforts following Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area. Our mandate extends to the restoration and revitalization of local schools, parks, and essential community facilities throughout southeast Texas. We stand steadfastly by our communities in their times of need.


Emergency Electrical Services Across Texas

In addition to our federal First Responder certification, LMC holds a prestigious electrical contractor license in the state of Texas. This licensure empowers us to deliver prompt and reliable emergency electrical services to public organizations across the state. Our dedicated team is available 24/7, ensuring swift response to the calls of our valued Job Order Contract (JOC) clients.


Rapid Deployment, Immediate Solutions

At LMC, we take pride in our ability to provide direct and immediate solutions to emergency situations. Unlike our competitors, we maintain a skilled and responsive in-house team that is readily available to address any critical issues our clients may encounter. With LMC, you can count on our rapid deployment and unwavering commitment to your organization’s safety and success.