East San Antonio Medical

LMC performs and great deal of work in Bexar County. The Housing Authority of Bexar County Building (HABC) Interior Remodel, Site improvement, and disabled access of Suite 104 / 204 was a project completed by LMC Corporation at the end of 2016. This project included extensive repairs to the exterior of the facility to allow disabled access and a renovation of the parking lot and sidewalks. The interior work included the replacement of tile flooring, toilet partitions, plumbing fixtures, interior walls and additional restroom fixtures. The project also included demolishing of existing interior walls, patch, and repair of existing walls, electrical installation and the replacement and installation of new doors. The work on this project was completed by LMC on time and on budget for Bexar County.

Estimate Total: $322,000.00

  •  The Housing Authority of Bexar County
  •  2016
  •  Renovation, Interior, Plumbing, ADA, Parking Lot, Sidewalk, Exterior