University Health System (UHS)

University Health System is a nationally recognized teaching hospital and outpatient healthcare center that is owned by the citizen of Bexar County and is a partnership between the citizens of Bexar County and the University of Texas Health San Antonio. LMC has completed several projects over the past years with UHS. Those jobs include the University Hospital 6th floor Reeves Rehab Renovation, Operating Room Door Replacement, 3rd Floor Risk Management Renovation and the employee clinic. These jobs include replacement of doors, metal door frames, carpeting, base material, replacement of ceiling tile, installation of counter tops, acid washing of existing ceramic tile, installation and floating of new sheet rock, along with priming and painting of the walls, ceilings and doors and door frames. The jobs that were performed for UHS varied in sized from several thousand dollars to over a hundred thousand dollars. LMC Corporation prides itself in taking both small and large jobs for our customers, as LMC puts our customers first.

  •  University Health Systems
  •  2016
  •  Renovation, Ceramic Tile, Lighting, Electrical, Interior, Sheet Rock, Door Frames, Paint, Ceilings