JOB Order Contracting (JOC)

LMC Corp specializes in Job Order Contracting (JOC) and has developed very efficient processes to provide excellent service in this very specialized market. LMC typically self-performs 50%-80% of the work we do. That means we have crews on notice and available at all times for our JOC customers. We can generally be onsite performing an immediate-need project within hours of receiving the call for service.

There is no minimum job size for our JOC customers. We are happy to come to your facility to simply hang a door. We can also build the facility the door will hang in. LMC is willing and able to perform any size job at any time. We simply want to be available to our clients immediately on whatever terms are important to them at that time.

Job Order Contracting jobs are typically small and immediate in nature. LMC uses the JOC projects to get to know our clients and build long term relationships with them. When the client has a larger job which they put out to bid, we ask to participate in that competition. It is our hope and our goal that the relationship built on the small, JOC projects will make LMC a better, more productive partner to the organization on the big projects.

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Lee Construction and Maintenance Enjoys A Longstanding Relationship With One Of The World’s Largest Surety Underwriters, Having Earned Bonding Capacity In Excess Of $20 Million.

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