El Franco Lee Park

El Franco Lee Park is a large indoor and outdoor complex with many facilities. LMC Corporation has had numerous jobs within the park including the installation of vinyl coated fences and gates at the mechanical equipment areas near the Waterpark, the replacement and painting of the Baseball Fields Press Boxes, and the fabrication and installation of the Wetlands Observation tower.

LMC was tasked to complete a large scale, multiphase renovation and reconfiguration of the El Franco Lee Community Center that included the conversion of an existing service garage into an exercise equipment room. LMC floated the existing sloped garage with lightweight concrete fill, removed overhead doors, installed new windows and a new ADA access ramp with handrails, and installed new lighting and electrical in the floor for exercise equipment.

Phase 2 of the El Franco Lee Community Center included the removal of existing finishes and millwork in the lobby, the reconfiguration of walls for a new design including the fabrication and installation of structural steel at areas where structural walls were removed. Phase 2 also included the installation of new LED lighting and ceramic wall and floor tile, as well as the construction of a window wall between the renovated exercise room and main corridor.

  •  Harris County
  •  2016-2017
  •  Demolition, Remodel, Interior, Flooring, Tile, LED Lighting, Electrical, Fencing, Steel Fabrication, Paint, Fixtures, Millwork