Harris County Attorney’s Office

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office renovation included the demolition of all existing mechanical ductwork, air handlers, electrical raceways, conduit, data cables, fire alarm devices, and all finishes, including ceilings, lighting and flooring.

LMC installed all new HVAC duct work, an HVAC air handler, air diffusers, HVAC DDS Control system, spray foam insulation at exterior tilt wall above the ceiling cavity at perimeter of floor, new fire alarm devices, a new 84 circuit electrical service panel, a new emergency electrical panel, and modified the entire fire sprinkler system on the floor.

The renovation also included the build out of all new offices including the installation of new doorframes, hardware, ceilings, lighting and a new lighting control panel. Existing woodwork that was designated to remain was refreshed, new break room appliances were installed, new flooring and LED lighting was installed throughout, and LMC installed cost-effective, energy reducing film onto all existing exterior windows.

Harris County
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