Oscar Ortiz Community Park

MC Corporation is a construction and maintenance services provider for Nueces County and was tasked with the construction and renovation of several facilities at Oscar Ortiz Community Park near Corpus Christi.

The site work included stripping and excavation (30”depth) of the building area for select fill placement (36”+ compacted), minor backfill slope at the area, trenching for extension of existing capped utility lines and extension of a new concrete sidewalk to an existing paved sidewalk. The project also included the construction of new HC parking spaces at an existing parking lot and a curb ramp connection to the existing sidewalk. A new 22’-8”’ x 30’-8” restroom building was constructed with monolithic reinforced concrete slab-on grade foundation, reinforced CMU walls, insulated wood frame roof with composition shingle roofing, metal doors & frames, painting, plumbing and electrical systems.

  •  Nueces County
  •  2016
  •  New Construction, Plumbing, Electrical, Utilities, Roofing, Paint, Sidewalk, Parking Lot